The Legado
Lifestyle Experience

There is no single, conventional path to success and the men and women who choose Legado know this very well.

“It’s not your grandfather’s favourite cigar (but so good that it could be!)"

Peter Simmons-Co-Founder.

Legado Cigars

are quickly becoming the choice of smoke for disruptors, go-getters, innovators and entrepreneurs who are smashing goals, closing deals and doing things differently every day. And along the way, they make time to enjoy luxury and have some fun.

Beyond Cigars

Behind the scenes, the co-founders and their team work around-the-clock to ensure that they have not only produced a one-of-a-kind cigar brand but Team Legado are also now in talks to create a full-range Legado luxury lifestyle experience, which will include apparel; line of spirits; lounges and collaborations with global labels.

Be a part of the Legado Movement.